Search Marketing Explained

Cut away the management speak and cute phrases, and you quickly realise that for commercial operations search marketing comes down to one thing: creating online sales.

Whether you’re a blue chip company, a SME, or indeed a charity raising money for good causes, your website primarily exists to gather traffic and turn that into sales/leads/followers.

Few websites, unless you’re running a pure information service, can afford to sit there and look pretty. They have to be made to work and whereas internet marketing in the early days was almost the sole activity of a load of tech heads, it is now a business worth billions of pounds with highly professional and skilled operatives.

What’s more, an increasing number of traditional brands are focusing on their virtual presence, whilst cutting back on their physical presence. Indeed, some major businesses have dropped the shop front entirely, choosing to concentrate entirely on their online offering.

For them, ecommerce is the difference between a profitable future and no future at all.

Do I Need Search Marketing?

We implement search marketing strategies – that’s what we do and that’s where we focus our energies.

Top brands use us as agents who drive quality leads to their site. We do not operate their sites and we do not provide overall digital marketing advice to those companies.

However, we advise companies that when we drive traffic to their websites, they have to be ready for it. As we get paid on sales, it’s no use for either party if our leads drop through the sieve and are not converted.

So, we like to help with a company’s landing page, as the traffic coming to that part of the site does need to be handled correctly. The landing page is crucial, because the user clicks through and if they are not attracted to the messaging, or calls-to-action, you have lost them.

To be fair, most of the companies we deal with don’t need much persuading when it comes to converting sales. They usually bend our ear about that, not the other way around.

We usually focus on delivering the leads in the first place. These originate from our own websites which we have established over the years as part of our own network. We are in effect an online publisher with a wide array of our own sites across a range of commercial sectors, so this is where our main work is done.

This doesn’t concern our clients – they trust us to operate our own network of websites which are there to perform. Our clients interest themselves in the leads, not how we plan and operate our digital marketing campaigns.

When Do I Need Search Marketing?

Search marketing is about being consistent. If you have a  good brand, supported by a sound product and great service, then you need an outreach search marketing solution which is live most of the year.

Consumers respond to the brands which show commitment to them. Being tactical is fine, but those companies which maintain a 365 day, 24/7 presence are those companies which make the sales.

Search marketing requires energy and commitment.

If you want to be convinced, talk to us now and we’ll take you through our reasoning.