Search Marketing Trends in 2014

Well, we’re approaching 2014 and so, with that in mind, we’re taking a look at the likely trends for next year in terms of search marketing and content marketing.

So, what’s likely to be big in 2014?

The age of content marketing is upon us and in 2014, far more companies and brands will see themselves as publishers of content. The discipline of content marketing is coming alive and this year we will see it flourish.

The trend towards quality and relevant content will increase. Google is already laying down the law in terms of content. Companies and individuals who insist on flooding the bandwidth with content for content sake (bought by the mile as cheaply as possible) will be penalised. Everyone involved in content should bear in mind that when they post, or submit, a blog, article, or comment, it has to add something. If it’s just mush, then forget it.

It’s a fair bet that social media will become even more important throughout the year than it is now. It’s well known that Google places a huge emphasis on social media activity when it comes to search rankings. But yet many digital professionals don’t really get social. They may use it instinctively on a personal level, but when it comes to using it for clients, it is seen as merely link-bait, a chance to boost their rankings. This will have to change in the year.

If you are a brand and looking to exploit Facebook, then expect to cough up some money. Social media platforms are coming out of their shells when it comes to commerciality and Facebook is just one platform which has made it clear that organic views are on the decline. To properly boost content, you will have to put your hands into your pocket. Facebook is moving away from being a brand free distribution channel – the good days are over!

But don’t think just Facebook. In many ways, it has matured and peaked, and is now thinking about its own coffers. Branch out and consider some of the more exciting, visual networks such as SnapChat, Instagram and Vine.

As for Google+, it may be at the butt-end of many jokes as being a pretty poor social media platform (think tumbleweed rolling down the centre of a town with no-one in sight), but that, says the experts, is entirely missing the point. Google is integrating all of its services and digital marketeers need to be a part of it. If you don’t play the Google game, then you won’t get the full rewards in terms of ranking.

So, here at clickmate, we say bring it on in 2014.