Localise the Search Marketing

Savvy search marketing teams know that if you localise the search strategy, then it can pay dividends. And it can prove a big advantage for all manner of companies, especially those with different shop locations, outlets and partners.

The great thing about localising the search effort, is that the resulting traffic can be directed at the shop front so to speak, and not always at the corporate site. This is especially crucial for franchise owners, who want the benefit of the franchiser potential sales traffic, but need it fed to their own site.

Localisation is a key part of pay per click (PPC) thinking and this is in part driven by the increased use of mobile devices, with users looking for local information. What’s more, by using localised search, individual operators can offer promotions and sales directed directly at their shoppers. It allows a company to build a unique offering for each outlet.

But localisation requires a set approach which covers all the key areas. Most importantly, is the message. This has to be geared towards customers of a particular outlet and therefore differentiate the offer from the deal that everyone else gets.

This type of highly targeted PPC campaigning requires planning and the recognition of goals, and the creation of Key Performance Indicators.

The clickmate team  believes that the greater detail required for local campaigns, does provide rich dividends for those that get it right.