Digital Marketing

We’re quite proud of the fact that our clients rely on us to drive quality leads to their ecommerce platforms, without worrying about the mechanics of how we do it. We don’t bore for England on the elements of the digital marketing mix, but we do make it clear that we are enthusiastic online marketeers.

If you know anything about search marketing, you’ll know that there is the good side and the dark side. We’ll resist the obvious Star Wars analogies here, but suffice to say that we use what’s known in the trade as White Hat Tactics to market our network of websites.

Those who use Black Hat tactics are rightly banished by the search engines as well as those who try to manipulate search engine rankings for their own ends.

We follow the rules and guidance laid down by the search engines, which is why we are highly regarded publishers of quality and original content.

And if you wonder why we’re emphasising this so strongly, the point is that we deliver quality leads because we work so hard at digital marketing. If you don’t get the engine room running right, you can’t deliver.

Many companies will happily boast that they can deliver a huge volume of leads, but your first question has to be, are those leads of the quality you desire. Do you want to be able to convert them, or do you want to clog up your website with rubbish that you will never convert in a month of Sundays.

That’s the difference with Clickmate. We care about the quality of our leads; afterall, it’s how we generate our money. If our leads don’t work, we don’t get paid, nor do we keep our clients.

So their success translates into our success.

Which is why we consider our team experts at the main elements of the digital marketing spectrum, including search engine optimisation, pay per click campaigns, social media, online PR and affiliate marketing.

Contact us now to hear more, especially how we can boost your online sales.